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Jim Pittenger and Dan Anderson began their careers at bank investment departments in the 1970s before working together at Dean Witter in the ’80s. As their brokerage careers progressed, they found the interests of the brokerage firm and those of their clients moving further apart. Brokers (today called financial advisors) were being incentivized to sell in-house products and other high fee investments that typically favored the firm over the client.

Sensing a need for an advisor who always put their clients’ interests first, Pitt left Dean Witter to start Pittenger & Co. in 1995 with the goal of managing $75 million in assets. One year later, Dan rejoined his old partner and Pittenger & Anderson was born.  In doing so, they started a revolution, one that believes investment advice shouldn’t be tied to the sale of products.    Today, P&A manages over $1 billion in assets with a full-time staff of 10 people.  Clearly the business model works.

In 2012, P&A rolled out their succession plan by announcing three new principals: Jon Sevenker, Diane Klein, and Trey Pittenger.   In 2014, Blake Anderson rejoined the firm and became a principal as well.  Together, these four have shown their commitment to serving our clients with the utmost professionalism and service, while continuing to grow our business for the future.

Although we call Lincoln home, we serve clients from coast to coast. We’ve found that clients are drawn to our Midwestern values and work ethic, as well as our friendliness and proactive communication style.  All our clients are encouraged to get to know everyone in the office and to work with whomever they feel most comfortable.  Our open office environment breeds collaboration and teamwork which ultimately benefits our clients.  Are you interested in why we behave the way we do?

If these benefits appeal to you, give us a call at 402-328-8800 or 1-800-897-1588 and ask to speak with Pitt, Dan, Diane, Trey, or Jon.

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