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Our Purpose

At Pittenger & Anderson, our clients ALWAYS come first.  Through a fully transparent business model built on collaboration and shared success, we help our clients articulate, plan for, and realize their financial goals.  As a financial advocate, we strive to simplify the complex world of financial services, deliver peace of mind, and help enrich our clients’ lives.

Our Unique Values

  • We will always act in the best interest of our clients. (Read our Statement of Fiduciary Commitment to Our Clients.)
  • We will provide proactive, clear, and consistent communication to our clients.
  • Our open office promotes collaboration and learning among our staff, which benefits our clients.
  • Client confidentiality is paramount.
  • Our disciplined investment approach aims to deliver superior returns to our clients.
  • All of our clients are clients of the firm, not of one individual.
  • Clients benefit from working with tenured advisors, as well as younger advisors with fresh perspectives.

To a person at P&A, we enjoy coming to work each day and value each of the client relationships we have. Helping you identify and achieve your financial goals is our ultimate purpose and becomes the true measure of our success. Our succession and strategic planning efforts will help to ensure our business plan remains focused on your needs for decades to come.

Do you believe what we believe?

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