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We live in a world that is focused on the “what” and “how” but the “why” is what matters most.  Asking “why” uncovers the true intentions and motivations of an individual or business.  Our “why” is deeply rooted in a desire to positively influence and help move our clients to a place of financial contentment and higher purpose. Within our “why” are nuances that make us unique and help us shape the path for our clients to be successful. Here are a few of them:

Why do we tell our clients to spend money?

Why would a firm whose only source of revenue comes from client assets tell their clients to spend their money? For starters, because it’s your money, not ours! After a long run-up in stocks, investing seems more worthwhile if you reap some of the rewards and taste the grape. Doing so will also help you keep a long-term perspective. We get enjoyment and satisfaction out of seeing our clients do what makes them happy.  Trips around the world, vacations with grandkids…experiences tend to dominate, but whatever it is that brings you joy, we’ll encourage you to do more of it when the time is right.

Why do we have an open office?

Everyone who works at P&A sits in a big open room with no walls or separate offices and we’re all within earshot of one another. The reason for this unique setup is to benefit you, our client. Our open architecture breeds collaboration, discussion, and teamwork. We don’t operate in silos. As a client of P&A, you have an entire team of people working for you. Each of us has different skill sets, but know that everyone here is rowing in unison for you.

Why do we encourage our clients to talk to whomever they want in our office?

It won’t hurt any of our feelings if you call and ask for someone other than your first point of contact with P&A. We tell you on Day One that you will get to know everyone in the office.  We want you to talk to whomever you feel most comfortable with.  Again, we all work as a team for you.

Why do we do financial plans for free?

Financial plans are worth more to you than we can sell them for.  Not only that, but they are so important to your financial future that we’re willing to give them away.  And we want you to do more planning, not less.  Going through the financial planning process will give you peace of mind and validation, help you spend more freely, or maybe provide you with some goals to work toward. This process also benefits you because it allows us to get a clearer picture of where you stand, which leads to more accurate advice.  And remember, it’s the process of planning that will get you where you want to go, not a single financial plan.

Why don’t we wear suits and ties?

When P&A was founded, no other financial services firm around had shunned the suit and tie. This was an intentional decision to be different, and one that we still adhere to today. We want everyone to feel comfortable coming into our office as they are. Our clients, both current and future, benefit because our less formal setting lends itself to a more relaxed discussion.  Professionalism isn’t defined by what you wear; it’s defined by how you treat people and how you make them feel.

Why do we love our jobs?

Everyone at P&A is by nature a helper and a servant. The biggest joy for us is seeing you reach not only your financial goals but more importantly your life goals. Each one of us at P&A firmly believes in what we do on a day-to-day basis, but more importantly, we believe in why we do it. Our clients need or want our expertise so they can go on living their lives and doing what makes them happy. There is no greater reward than earning the trust of our clients.

We think the most insightful question in the English language is “why?” By asking this question, we can achieve a deeper sense of purpose together.

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