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When you become an investment management client of P&A, you are entitled to the following services at no extra cost. We hope you’ll take advantage of this offer and get as much work out of us as you can.

Financial Planning

Mention the words financial planning to many people and their eyes glaze over or a look of dread appears on their face, but financial planning doesn’t have to be boring or thought of in the same terms as having a root canal.

The reason we do them for free (for our investment management clients) is because they are worth more than we can sell them for. Yes, they’re that important to your financial future. Going through the process will give you peace of mind and validation, help you spend more freely, or maybe provide you with some goals to work toward. This process also benefits you because it allows us to get a clearer picture of where you stand and to offer you more accurate advice. Click on the link for a more detailed discussion of the Financial Planning process.

Consistent Education

A large part of our role in your financial life is sharing knowledge. We do this in our conversations with you, via the P&A Blog, our Twitter account, as well as through our monthly e-newsletters and quarterly letters. From keeping you informed of changes in the marketplace to protecting your pocketbook from Wall Street, it’s our goal for you to view P&A as your trusted financial advocate.

Retirement Plan Help

Company retirement plans typically don’t offer their employees personalized help. Essentially, you are paying fees to the 401k provider while acting as your own investment adviser. We can help you in one of two ways: 1) you can send us a recent statement of your account and we can analyze how it is invested and make recommendations, or 2) if you’re eligible, you can take what’s called an in-service distribution and roll the money into an IRA rollover account and have us manage this money.  We will do a side-by-side cost comparison (of what you’re currently paying versus what you’d pay us) if you are considering an in-service distribution.

Charitable Gift Trusts & Donor-Advised Funds

The most tax-efficient way to give money to charities and 501c3 organizations is not by writing the charity a check.  If you have an after-tax investment account with highly appreciated securities, a charitable gift trust or donor-advised fund should be of interest.  We use Fidelity for these and they charge 0.60% per year for this account, while we don’t charge you anything.

You fund a gift trust account by contributing appreciated securities, netting you a charitable contribution deduction for the current tax year.  You also avoid paying capital gains taxes on the securities you contribute to your gift trust account.  Fidelity requires a minimum of $5,000 to open one and minimum donations to charity (called grants) of $50 each. Here’s more about the benefits of using a charitable gift trust/DAF.

Collaborating With Your Other Advisors

P&A can be your financial quarterback, coordinating and collaborating with your accountant around tax-related items and your attorney regarding estate planning needs. By getting all your advisors on the same page, your financial affairs will get the detailed care and cohesion they deserve.

These are just a few of the complimentary services we offer you on your financial journey.

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