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Do you remember when seeking out financial advice meant enduring a sales pitch for a too-hard-to-understand product that some “advisor” was putting all his best clients in?  Sadly, many financial “advisors” (really salespeople) still do business this way. Lucky for you, there is a better way.

We are a fee-only registered investment advisor and yes, we are a fiduciary as well.  In English, this means we aren’t paid by commissions or by selling products like life insurance, annuities, or mutual funds, and that we are legally required to act in our clients’ best interests.  Since we don’t sell any investment products or get paid by the investments we use, we find it’s pretty easy to put our clients first.

If you value having a financial advocate and a collaborative partner on your journey, give us a call or send us an email. Our approach is very laid back; we’re proactive but not pushy. We think you’ll find our way of doing business a breath of fresh air.

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