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Through this journey we call life, all of us will experience a course-altering event that will disrupt our rhythm. Some events will be positive in nature, some negative. More often than not, money ends up being at the center, which can distract us from where our attention should be in a time of transition. Below are a few examples of these events and how we help our clients navigate through them:

Sale of a Business

Congratulations on the sale of your business!  Although a celebratory event, you are now in an important transition phase in your life.  This is a situation we have seen many times.  We can help to reduce your tax bill, protect your assets, generate an income stream, pass wealth to the next generation, or stretch your charitable dollars.  Whatever you have in mind for this next phase of your life, we can help.

Suddenly Single

Whether through divorce or the loss of a spouse, significant emotional turmoil will likely surround these events. This is especially true if you weren’t the spouse “in charge” of the money decisions. We’ve had many new clients come to us in this situation and our first step is to listen. Secondly, it’s to offer simple and easy to understand options designed to reduce your financial burden, and that are solely in your best interests. Third is to execute the plan while continuing to educate and inform you along the way, covering not only the how, but the why.

Job Change

Oftentimes the primary avenue for investors to save is through a company retirement plan. If a job change has occurred in your life, you are now faced with the question, “What do I do with the monies I have accumulated?” To date, you may not have had the qualifying wealth to engage a professional advisor. Now, a decision must be made regarding these monies.  We can help you evaluate your options regarding your retirement assets.


It is human nature to view money that you have earned differently than money you have been given. Most people seeking out our help in this situation have a stronger sense of stewardship to this money and want to focus on preserving it while taking on less risk to do so. No matter the designs you may have for these monies, we understand that they are important to you and will work with you to determine the best course of action.

If any of these life events have happened to you, and you are interested in collaborating, let’s continue the conversation…

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