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All of your hard work is starting to pay off and you are seeing healthy bank account balances. Although your money is accessible at the bank, it isn’t earning you much. But you can get the best of both worlds, accessibility to your money and growth!

Although our stated relationship minimum at P&A is $100,000, we want to partner with you if you value collaboration, a transparent fee structure and want to build towards that stated minimum. With static amounts below $100,000 we don’t feel our management fee is justified. However if we are growing together, we can more than justify our cost.

In addition to the value we will deliver in managing your investment account, as a rising success there are many other aspects of your financial life where you will benefit from our complimentary services. From 401k recommendations to college savings options to answering the question, “How much should I be saving,” P&A will help.

If this resonates with you, let’s continue the conversation…

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