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At the end of January 2012, Pittenger & Anderson announced the addition of three new principals to the firm. These three have shown a commitment to the firm and the clients of P&A over the years and are excited to continue that commitment into the future.

Diane Klein, CFP®, has been with P&A since 2001. Her primary responsibilities include compliance, accounting, portfolio management and financial planning. To read more about Diane, click on this link.

Trey Pittenger, CFP®, rejoined the firm in 2006 after interning at P&A during college. His primary responsibilities include business development, financial planning, managing client assets and marketing. For more on Trey, click here to read his bio.

Jon Sevenker, CFP®, has been with the firm since 1998. His primary responsibilities include managing the firm’s international stock portfolios, financial planning, producing the monthly e-newsletter, and managing the P&A website. To read more about Jon, click on this link.

To read the Business Achievement that ran in the Lincoln Journal Star, click on the link.

In addition to adding three new principals, P&A also promoted Elizabeth Sydzyik and Shane Riley to the position of Investment Officer. To read more about Elizabeth and Shane, click on their respective links.

For more about the history of P&A, read Our Story.

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