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Don’t break the chain

Don’t break the chain... Happy New Year!  Perhaps you’re reading this while running on a treadmill or eating a kale and broccoli salad.  January is a time of possibilities, of new beginnings, and of course, resolutions.  The two most common…

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The power of old news

The power of old news The October 29, 1997, issue of Fortune magazine sits on my home office bookshelf.  It has survived eight moves.  The cover of the magazine reads "Wall Street's Wild Decade," a title that seems to apply…

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Bitcoin FOMO

Bitcoin FOMO From tulips to tech stocks and real estate, investors and speculators have seen their share of bubbles throughout history.  So when an “investment” doubles in a month, and goes from $1,000 to $16,000 in less than 12 months,…

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