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These are just nine of the ways we enhance and elevate your success.

1. Technology

  • The P&A Client Portal is a secure website that allows you to view your account holdings, performance compared to a benchmark, gain & loss information, and more.  All of this information is presented on one screen, making it very simple and user-friendly.
  • We deliver our quarterly reports and billing statements to you via the client portal as well, reducing the amount of paper cluttering your mailbox.
  • Our financial planning software is interactive, which allows us to make changes on the fly for you to see how they impact your financial future.  You can gain access to your plan and make your own changes through a separate portal as well.
  • Charles Schwab is who we recommend as a custodian.  They utilize many different technologies, including the use of electronic signatures for many forms, e-statements and confirms, and Mobile Deposit.
  • We employ many different technologies when reviewing accounts, managing portfolios, rebalancing accounts, and researching potential investments.  All of these are geared to help us make more accurate decisions for you, the client.

2. Succession

  • Since 2012, P&A has added five younger principals, ensuring your assets will be looked after and managed for decades to come.
  • These five individuals (Diane Klein, Trey Pittenger, Jon Sevenker, Blake Anderson, and Shane Riley) have shown the commitment and drive necessary to lead the company into the future by continuing to uphold the values P&A was founded upon.

3. Investment Committee

  • Our 8-member team formally reviews on a quarterly basis all accounts over $100,000.
  • Your account performance will be compared to a benchmark and asset allocation will be reviewed.
  • Sector weightings and individual holdings will be scrutinized.
  • Each member of our team will bring a unique perspective to the review process for you.

4. Communication

  • You will be contacted after every formal review of your account.
  • We will communicate with you however often and in whatever format you prefer.
  • P&A will not hide when the markets become difficult. We are proactive communicators.
  • In addition, we will share our thoughts via the P&A blog, our monthly newsletter, and the quarterly client letter.
  • When you call us during business hours, you will talk to a live person.  If the person you called for isn’t in, you will be offered another team member who can help.

5. Problem Finder

  • We will help you identify and solve financial blind spots you might not be aware of.
  • Many of these blind spots become apparent during the financial planning process, yet another reason to have us do a financial plan for you.

6. Discretion

  • You have hired P&A to manage your investments.  In order to do so, we take discretion on your account.
  • We will fully assess your risk profile, goals, and objectives, and come to an asset allocation that allows you to sleep at night.
  • We will make changes in your account in a timely manner without bothering you.  Keep in mind, as fiduciaries, we are required to always act in your best interests.

7. Performance Reporting

  • Our portfolio management system calculates time-weighted performance on your account on a daily basis.  Through the P&A Client Portal, you are able to see how your account is doing whenever you want.
  • The performance numbers we show you are after our fees have been taken out.
  • Each account has a benchmark that performance is compared to.

8. Rebalancing

  • Mutual Fund accounts are rebalanced twice per year, or whenever money is added to or taken out of the account.  ETF accounts are rebalanced whenever their weightings fall out of our preferred range.
  • None of the mutual funds we use have a sales load (upfront commission) and almost all of them are no transaction fee as well.

9. Charles Schwab

  • Charles Schwab is who we recommend to clients as a custodian. They are tasked with the safekeeping of your assets.
  • Having a third-party custodian ensures your monies won’t be absconded by your advisor.
  • We use Schwab for trade execution and access to thousands of no-load, no transaction fee funds.
  • Schwab provides you with 24-hour online access to your accounts, monthly statements and trade confirmations.
  • Schwab also offers Mobile Deposit, the fastest way to deposit a check in your Schwab account.
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