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We are an independent, fee-only financial advisory firm comprised of a team of professionals who deliver distinctive guidance and a unique client experience to individuals, families, and organizations in Nebraska and around the country.

We are your financial advocate for life.

Rising Success

Are your accounts growing as your career takes off? Let us help you ensure your money is working just as hard for you as you worked for it.

Major Life Events

Have you sold a business, become suddenly single, or inherited a lump sum? Let us help you navigate the financial aspects of these life transitions.


What’s next for you? Whether you’re nearing retirement or already there, let us help you embark upon your next phase with confidence.

Fee-Only + Fiduciary = Shared Success

Investment Management

Investing is a lifelong journey. When done right, it can be incredibly rewarding.

Financial Planning

Real financial planning is about creating a roadmap for the life you envision.

Company Retirement Plans

Spend your time doing what you do best. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Simple and transparent pricing.

We’re here to serve, not sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum relationship size?

For new client relationships, different minimums apply based on your stage of life.  See Rising Success, Major Life Events, or Retirement for the applicable minimum relationship sizes.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes! P&A is a full-time fiduciary and has been since 1995 when our firm was founded. Being a fiduciary means we are obligated to place your best interests ahead of our own. Here is our Statement of Fiduciary Oath. Consider it a red flag if an advisor won’t sign a fiduciary oath. Beware, some advisors are held to a fiduciary standard only when offering advice and not when implementing the advice (selling you products). These are known as fee-based or dually-registered advisors. If you see “securities offered through…Member SIPC, FINRA” at the bottom of an advisor’s website, it means they get paid to sell you products.  This is very different from our fee-only business model.

How will I benefit by working with your firm?
  • We will save you time and help you streamline your financial life.
  • We will help you analyze important financial decisions from all angles.
  • We will provide you with insights, guidance, support, and encouragement.
  • We will help you find any financial blind spots you may have.
  • We will help you gain a perspective you can’t get on your own.

We deliver these benefits through the ongoing professional management of your investments and comprehensive financial planning.  Professional investment management includes:

  • Investing your monies to match your unique goals, timeline, and personality.
  • Keeping your monies hard at work by remaining fully invested to your target allocation.
  • Ensuring your accounts get the attention they deserve through our defined quarterly review process.
  • Monitoring your accounts for rebalancing and tax loss opportunities.
  • Reporting your account performance net of our fees compared to your benchmark on a quarterly basis.

Financial planning can range from one-off questions to a comprehensive plan that serves as a roadmap for your future. There are a hundred potential tasks grouped into this catchall phrase.  These include:

  • Monitoring your progress towards your financial goals.
  • Helping you determine a safe withdrawal rate and which accounts to draw down first.
  • Exploring Social Security maximization techniques.
  • Showing you ways to increase your charitable giving impact.
  • Analyzing your retirement account rollover options.
  • Reviewing your insurance policies and annuities.
  • Ensuring you have basic estate planning documents in place.
  • Helping you allocate your company retirement plan monies.
What makes you different from other advisors?

Many people come to us with the same complaints about their current advisor. They:

  • Question the fees they’re paying or some of the advice they’ve received.
  • Aren’t getting phone calls/emails returned in a timely manner.
  • Feel like their advisor talks down to them or dodges their questions.
  • Are in the dark about how their account is performing or why it’s invested the way it is.
  • Believe their advisor hasn’t taken the time to really understand what’s important to them.

We’ve built our business to alleviate these and other frustrations. The difference begins with our team.  All of us come to work every day ready to go to bat for you whenever and wherever we can. Think of us as your financial bulldog.  Since we aren’t paid by selling you investment products, our sole focus is helping you reach your goals and being there when you need us. You’ll like our friendliness, Midwestern work ethic, and responsiveness to your needs.

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If you want to learn more about how we can help you reach your financial goals, have a complimentary conversation with one of our fiduciary advisors.

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Since 1995, Pittenger & Anderson has guided individuals and families going through money-in-motion events. We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor and a full-time fiduciary providing investment management, financial planning, and complimentary services to 700+ clients in over 30 U.S. states.



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The Confidence Your Money is Looking For

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