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The confidence your money is looking for


You shouldn’t have to navigate the financial jungle on your own.

Focused on you

Your advisor ought to be proactive and responsive.

Collaborating with you

You deserve a fiduciary advisor, not a financial salesperson.

Your guide for money in motion events


Business Sale


Seeking a New Advisor

Helping you accomplish your goals

Take care of your loved loves

make informed financial decisions

Create a lasting impact through giving

mitigate taxes

Your path to clarity

Step 1

Schedule a 15‐minute get acquainted call

Step 2

A 1‐hour in‐person or virtual meeting that adds value

Step 3

Investment strategy and/or financial plan overview

We’re here to serve, not sell

P&A ranks as the #11 advisory firm in the U.S., according to CNBC’s FA 100 list for 2023.

We understand the concerns you may have

Who is P&A?

While we don’t have the name recognition of major Wall Street firms, we don’t have the baggage either. Our fee-only business model is a big reason why.

Will it cost me a lot?

Unlike most financial advisors, we don’t sell products or earn commissions. We have an incentive to keep your investment costs low.

Who will hold my money?

Having an independent, third-party custodian is important. Charles Schwab is our preferred home for client assets.

The P&A Blog

Since 1995, Pittenger & Anderson has guided individuals and families going through money-in-motion events. We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor and a full-time fiduciary providing investment management, financial planning, and complimentary services to 800+ clients in over 30 U.S. states.

The Confidence Your Money is Looking For

The Confidence Your Money is Looking For

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