Focus on the “why” – Invest like Solomon – Book Review: Predictably Irrational

Focus on the “why”

We live in a world that is focused on the “what” and “how,” but the “why” is what makes the difference. It uncovers the true intentions and motivations of an individual or business. Our “why” is what makes us tick; what gets us excited to embark upon each day’s journey. Here are a few of our whys…(keep reading)

Invest like Solomon

Even the best laid plans don’t always work out; that’s life. But with uncertainty comes opportunity, growth and perspective. Although this time may in fact be different, the solutions have remained the same for centuries. When we live and make decisions confidently, we reach our full potential. Perhaps the best investor…(keep reading)

Book Review: Predictably Irrational

Why do we shop for another book in order to qualify for free shipping when it would be cheaper just to pay shipping? What is virtual ownership, and why does it dictate that we keep bidding higher for an item? A look at some of the not-so-rational decisions we make.



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