How we leverage technology to increase transparency and trust

P&A manages roughly $1.5 billion in assets with a full-time staff of 12 people. Technology allows us to operate efficiently while increasing transparency and trust with you, our client. Below are a handful of the technologies we currently utilize in these efforts:

P&A Client Portal – A secure website allowing you to view your account holdings and performance, year-to-date gain & loss information, and more, 24 hours a day. All of this information is presented on one screen in a dashboard format, making it very simple and user-friendly. In addition, we deliver your P&A quarterly reports and billing statements electronically to your P&A Client Portal, which becomes a digital filing cabinet for these documents.

Interactive planning – The financial planning software we use allows us to make changes on the fly when reviewing a plan with a client. This allows you to see how these changes impact your financial future in real time. You’ll also have online access to the plan we develop for you.

WebEx – Our partnership with WebEx allows us to offer online meeting, video conferencing, collaboration, and screen sharing capabilities to our clients.  All you need is a telephone and computer and we can facilitate an interactive meeting to review your account, show you how to navigate the P&A Client Portal or the Schwab website, and address any other issues when an in-person meeting isn’t as convenient.

Charles Schwab is our recommended custodian for clients. Schwab utilizes many different technologies, including the use of electronic signatures on many forms as well as electronic delivery for statements and confirms. In addition, Schwab has a secure website for our clients that gives you yet another way of keeping tabs on the investments we manage for you.

Portfolio Reviews & Rebalancing – P&A formally reviews all client accounts over $100k four times per year in our Investment Committee meetings.  Account performance, gains & losses, and the individual investments are analyzed during a portfolio review. We go over this information as a committee before making any necessary changes to an account.  For our mutual fund and exchange-traded fund portfolios, we utilize a powerful rebalancing program that monitors these accounts on a daily basis.

Technology will continue to play a huge role in our business going forward and we will make every effort to remain at the cutting edge for our clients.



Since 1995, we have existed for one help our clients live the life they’ve always imagined. We are a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA) and a full-time fiduciary, meaning we fight for your best interests day in and day out. Our approach results in shared success.

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