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Widespread reluctance to technology adoption has all but disappeared and we humans are witnessing in real-time the evolution of the digital age.  Some of the catchy buzzwords you can see scrolling across the tube include artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous cars, social media, video streaming, and automation.  What they all have in common can be filtered down to one word…change.  Each one of these buzzwords represents some type of change… the way people communicate, how we get from point A to point B, the way news and entertainment are consumed, how things get built, etc.

Change in our industry is ever-present, too…fee compression, fiduciary standards, transparency, advisors vs. brokers, robo-advisors, etc.  We constantly ask ourselves what we should be doing that we aren’t currently, and how can we get better each and every day.  Our team makes every effort to be first-movers and get out in front of these battles so we can triumph over our competition, continue putting our clients’ best interests first, and deliver top-notch service.

Over time, regulations change, daily workflows (how we get things done) are going to change, our approach to financial planning could change, and there’s a reasonable chance our investment process will change.  But what’s unlikely to change is why people hire us.

Here’s a short list of reasons we’ve found why people really hire us:

  • Expertise – Those who check this box realize they lack the skill and discipline that’s crucial for managing their money. They’re more comfortable leaving those decisions with somebody they trust.
  • Time – Other people might have the knowledge and skill, but don’t have time to do the homework and execute an investment strategy or carry out a financial plan on their own.
  • Decision fatigue – Driven by fear of making the wrong choice, some people avoid making a decision altogether. The numbers get big, markets bounce around, fear and fatigue sets in…we get it, and we’re here to help.
  • We’re not salespeople – We are your neighbor, golf buddy, college roommate, book club friend. We don’t badger our clients or paint them into a corner.  Our clients understand we are their financial advocate and put their interests first.
  • Emotional support – Many people think investing is easy, when in reality it’s anything but, especially when the markets go into a tailspin. So we will be there to help in discussing the emotional aspect of your investments and talk through decisions based on the alignment of your goals and comfort levels.

Everybody has their own reason for seeking out our help and hiring us.  We want to thank all of our clients for trusting us with managing their money and helping them plan out their financial lives since 1995.  Change isn’t easy, but the cumulative effect of a few small changes adds up over time.

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