Book Review: “Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way” by Ryan White

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Buffett, you must read this book!  It’s that good.  Ryan White’s just-released hardcover does a great job of telling Jimmy’s story, from his days of bumming around, playing music wherever he could get a gig, to the Margaritaville empire he sits on top of today.  In between the start and finish, White effortlessly weaves into his narrative the inspiration for many of Buffett’s songs, both well-known ones and some of his lesser-played tunes.  Jerry Jeff Walker and Kris Kristofferson figure prominently in the early days of Jimmy’s career, as he moved between Austin, Nashville, Key West, and both coasts looking for work.  When Jimmy wrote Margaritaville people began to take notice.  People like record producers and labels who had previously shunned his “not country, not rock-n-roll” schtick.  Rather than fit nicely into an existing music industry box, Jimmy created his own niche…the lifestyle of a beach-loving, surfer, and world traveler who just wants to have fun.   Frankly, even if you’re not a huge Buffett fan, but are a 70’s and 80’s music fan, you will enjoy this book.  The only other book I had read about Jimmy was his autobiograhy “A Pirate Looks at Fifty,” written in 1999, which is a fun read as well, but it doesn’t have the depth that this book does.  Check it out!

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