P&A Spotlight: Hannah Lockard

We are excited to announce the hiring of our newest employee, Hannah!  She comes on board to fill the Director of First Impressions position after Lindsey went on to pursue new adventures in Reno, NV.  Hannah will most likely be the first face you see coming into the office and the first voice you hear when calling.  You will like her.  Here is more about Hannah:

Where are you originally from?

Born and raised in the Capital City of the ‘Good Life’ State.

Tell us about your family:

My parents are both Nebraska-born teachers at the same middle school in Lincoln: my mom, a Spanish teacher, and my dad, an Industrial Technology teacher. I have one younger sister who is on an ever-changing track to a degree in Environmental Engineering at UNL. I live in Lincoln with my partner, Dana, who is an Agency Business Consultant for a Top Three Insurance Provider, and together we have two tireless (and therefore tiring) cats.

What are some of your hobbies?

I have a mild obsession with language and grammar; I enjoy studying both the English and Spanish languages, and I have intentions of starting a third shortly. I also dabble in furniture-making with my dad, *try* to bake/cook, and do a little bit of online gaming with my friends. Mostly, I just enjoy a good conversation telling stories, swapping ideas, picking apart modern society, and listening to new perspectives.

What are some of your favorite books (or TV shows or movies)?

My favorite book of all time is Enchantress from the Stars, my favorite movie(s) will always be the original Star Wars trilogy, and my current TV show obsession is Stranger Things. I am most definitely the child of my sci-fi-fanatic mother.

What profession other than your own would you like the attempt?

I would love to work for NASA and be part of space study and exploration. (Are we surprised?)

What profession would you not like to do?

I really enjoy trying new things for the sake of educating myself, so I may even have a slight interest in running a fast food window just because I want to know why my order takes 30 seconds some times and 10 minutes other times. I want nothing to do with the pyramid scheme business model, however.

One of your guilty pleasures:

Documentaries. Especially about food.

Two people I would like to have dinner with (dead or alive):

My late great-grandmother, Estee, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting; I’ve been told she exuded an unbridled wit and a contagious energy into every corner of a room. Also, currently, Kendrick Lamar.

When did you join Pittenger & Anderson?

October 2017.

What do you love about working at P&A?

I love being part of a business wherein everyone works actively and diligently to go above and beyond in putting the clients’ interests first. I also appreciate that this environment is clearly one in which there is room to learn and grow professionally, evident by the diversity of ages and years-employed here.



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