P&A is #1 on Google for what?

This month’s “Just for Fun” article highlights an amusing finding made by our very own Zach Flodman.  We tasked him with seeing which pages on our website garnered the most traffic over the last year.  When Zach delivered the Google Analytics report, we did a double-take.  How could this be?

One would expect the homepage of a website to get the most traffic for obvious reasons.  It’s like going to a house and walking up to the front door; the homepage is a digital doorstep.  Along with the homepage, you’d expect visitors to be interested in our team, how to contact us, and our blog.

But right there with these pages was what Malcolm Gladwell would call an outlier.  Not only was this mysterious page among the most visited, but it was also THE most visited over the last year.  In fact, it had twice as many page views as our homepage!

So we had Zach run the same analysis for the last three years, thinking this was an anomaly.  Turns out, it wasn’t.  The page in question placed second this time, behind only our homepage.  And it received three times the page views as the third-place finisher.

The visitors found our site because of this page weren’t walking through our front door.  They were coming through the doggie door to the kids’ playhouse in the backyard.

To see what we’re talking about, Google “4-Point Pitch” and check out the results.

That’s right!  According to Google, Pittenger & Anderson has the most trafficked web page (in the world?) for 4-Point Pitch.  Our page beat out millions of other search results for that phrase.  We take great pride in this honor and think it deserves a Webby Award!

So here are the takeaways for us:

  1. Keep putting out great content that’s completely unrelated to what we do for a living.
  2. Stay humble.
  3. Thank our moms if/when we win a Webby.

And tell all your card-playing friends!



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