Mexican Quinoa Salad, Hannah-Style

While we’re on the tail end of warmer weather and the local farm stands are becoming far and few, this is a delicious, healthy salad that you need to try with fresh ingredients before the summer season is entirely over. It can be eaten on its own for a light lunchtime meal, or you can serve it on Game Day and scoop it with tortilla chips!

I ran across the original version of this recipe while scrolling through my Facebook feed one afternoon, and while it was tasty, I was not particularly enthused by the ingredient ratio. Here is MY version of this flavorful salad, packed full of avocado, sweet corn, and black beans.


1 cup quinoa
≤2 cups veggie broth (or whatever the liquid ratio per the quinoa package)
3/4 cup canned black beans
2 large ripe avocados (or 3 small)
2 ears of sweet corn
2 medium tomatoes (I use vine ripe)
1/2 large red onion
2 handfuls of cilantro
1 large lime (or 2 small)
1-2 red chilies (I leave these out, however)


Start cooking the quinoa with veggie broth in place of water. I use a rice cooker, but quinoa packages usually include instructions for stovetop. While the quinoa is cooking, prepare the corn, beans, and veggies. (Always remember to rinse your veggies first!)

Corn: The corn needs to be steamed and sliced off the cob. For a quick and easy method, microwave each ear of corn for 2 minutes (small ear) to 3 minutes (large ear) inside the husk (a.k.a. nature’s perfect steaming mechanism). Just be careful when removing the corn afterwards as it’s hot, hot, hot!

Black beans: Drain and rinse thoroughly in a colander.

Tomatoes: Remove the seed pulp and dice.

Onion: Dice finely. (I find red onions pack too much of a punch if the pieces are too large. You can disagree.)

Avocados: Slice into bite-sized pieces. Ripe avocados feel relatively firm but will yield to gentle pressure; if they’re squishy, they’re overripe.

Cilantro: Grab a bunch, place on a cutting board, and loosen the leaves by raking away from the stems with a fork. Chop finely.

Red Chilies: If you choose to use these (I don’t), chop into slivers.

At this point, your quinoa will probably be done or nearly done. Once it is, toss all of the prepared ingredients together in a big mixing bowl. Slice your lime in half and squeeze at least one-half of it over the salad. Mix well and taste. If you want more lime, squeeze the other half.

And that’s it! Eat it right out of the mixing bowl like I do OR be civilized about it and serve it individually or with chips. Regardless, indulge, guilt-free, on this tasty dish!

Original recipe:

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