Does your money have confidence?

Beryl Markham was a pilot, racehorse trainer, author, and adventurer.  She was the first female to fly solo and non-stop across the Atlantic from east to west.  While not as famous as Amelia Earhart, Markham’s life was just as interesting.  She also authored a great quote: “Success breeds confidence.”

We launched our new and improved website in early September.  Part of the process was to write a tagline that describes what we do for our clients in a succinct yet powerful way.  Our web design team beat us to the punch.  They offered up “The confidence your money is looking for.”  We liked it…a lot.  Here’s why.

While success does breed confidence, confidence ultimately leads to trust.  Without trust, we don’t have a business.  (Pitt wrote about the speed of trust in our 1st quarter 2018 client letter.  If you haven’t read it, check it out.)

We set up our business the way we did to alleviate many of the frustrations felt by clients of the financial advisory world.  Here are 10 ways we foster confidence (and ultimately trust) with our clients:

  1. We do what we say we’ll do.
  2. We are proactive communicators.  You’d be surprised how many new clients come to us because their past advisor didn’t return their phone calls.
  3. We don’t sell any products.  You shouldn’t have to question the motivation of your advisor.
  4. Unlike many other advisors, we’re held to a fiduciary standard at all times.
  5. We’re transparent.  You’ll know our fees before you hire us; we have nothing to hide about our compensation.
  6. When you hire P&A, you hire our entire team.  All of us are working for you.
  7. We help you avoid financial potholes and recognize opportunities.
  8. We don’t dodge questions.
  9. We leave out the financial jargon and educate you in plain English.
  10. We have a strong succession plan in place.

If you’re questioning some of the financial advice you’ve received and are looking for a true financial advocate, please connect with us.  You’ll find our approach to be laid-back but professional, proactive but not pushy.

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