Based on the popularity of Blake’s COVID-free blog post last month, we’re following up with two more related topics.  First, we asked our team to tell you how they’re spending their time differently now, i.e. activities they’ve picked up or rediscovered during the social distancing/quarantine phase.  And now we’ve asked our team to let you know what they’re grateful for during these unusual times, or maybe the silver lining they’ve found.  Here are our responses in alphabetical order:

Audrey – I’m very thankful my job, and the reassurance, stability, and depth of experience in P&A Leadership.  Working from home has taken some adjustments and getting used to.  The silver lining is being with my kids as they adjust to this new normal and online learning. I’m thankful for the commute, which lends to a cleaner home, and less laundry on weekends.

Blake – Watching my kids be kids.  We have gotten so busy with various activities – dance practice, t-ball, soccer, Cub Scouts, etc. – there wasn’t much time to play in the backyard, go for bike rides or just daydream.   This time has allowed all of us to take a big breath and enjoy our time with family.

Dan – Reflections on past travel experiences, which we wonder when and if they will come back without risk.  And being reminded how important it is to keep in touch with relatives when you cannot actually go see them.  Hearing the joy in their voices when you visit on the phone or FaceTime with them.

Diane – Teaching my kids how to cook and bake and having more time together for dinners.  Previously, we were lucky to have a dinner together twice a week due to my two high schoolers’ very busy schedules!

Elizabeth – Grateful for the time to get projects done! It is nice to have Steve working just down the road from home half the time as well.  I also am enjoying not being married to my routine.  I always thought I needed to have one and tended to do the same things at the same times every day.  It’s been nice to realize that was probably causing MORE stress to me!

Hannah – I have really, really, really enjoyed the fresh air. Not only do I get out and bike/run now, but I also work with my windows open any and every day the weather is nice. Heck, even when it’s not nice, I still have them cracked a little because I find the outdoor air so refreshing. Additionally, being home all the time has given me the motivation to catch up with a lot more of my long-distance relationships, i.e. my friends/family out-of-state. It’s interesting if not cathartic to hear what others are up to during COVID-19 life.

Kristin – I’ve been grateful to reconnect with many friends that I had not stayed in touch with through the changing years of life. This mandatory life slowdown has been eye opening to the technology that we have and the importance of taking time out of our busy lives to stay connected to people we care about. I will continue to utilize facetime phone calls and other virtual meeting means well past the quarantine.

John D – I am very grateful that, despite such an atrocious event happening, it’s given my wife and I more time with each other – she’s an accountant who would have normally been in the office from sun-up to sun-down because of tax season. However, she can now be close to me throughout the day. Maybe she would rather be in the office, though….

Jon S – I’m grateful for the extra time more than anything.  Time to be a family, to watch our kids grow up with more intention, to not feel rushed, and to have our weekends open.

Pitt – I am grateful for the people I work with.  No less than monthly, I receive a compliment from a client/associate that goes something like this:

“When I walk into your office, I am consistently reminded what a staff and office should look like.  Everyone, including Dan and Pitt, is either on the phone, head down and intent on a project, writing furiously, or collaborating with a co-worker towards a common end.  On my last visit, I asked to speak with a specific employee… Out of town that day.  My new host (whom I had never met) asked the nature of my inquiry, indicating another of the staff may be able to help. I described the issue. ‘I can help,’ she said, and I was totally disarmed. The young woman offered a complete answer and advised that she had worked on several parallel questions with other clients.  My new friend then said she would have the person I usually talked to call to confirm everything. I got that call the next day.”

Shane – I’m grateful for the future.  Covid-19 has pulled it forward and the digital age is accelerating, which I’m excited for.

Trey – I am grateful that my kids have been able to be kids again.  Without the rushing around to activities, they have been able to tap back into their creative playing ways.  I am grateful for this reset period to assess what truly matters in this life.

We hope you’ve been able to find the silver linings during this time as well.  Stay healthy and safe!


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