What to expect when you visit P&A

Due to the 2019-2020 outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we at P&A are taking extra precautions as we invite our clients and prospective clients to come visit us in person.  Along with a modified staffing approach to maintain 6 feet of separation, on-site sanitation, and disinfecting practices, we also are ensuring that all team members on-site pass specific health code checks (noted below).

We you do come to visit us; you will see guidelines posted at the front entrance of our building.  These guidelines will be familiar and fit into the category of  “COVID-19 common sense”.  Even so, we want to reiterate (as we are following the same guidelines), please don’t come in if:

  • You have a temperature, feel sick or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 30 days.
  • You have traveled outside the country or visited any “hotspot” areas within the last 30 days.
  • You or any household members have been knowingly exposed to anyone with COVID-19.

Additionally, here are a few key (and perhaps unique) aspects of your visit to P&A:

  • Since we are spacing out meetings by 30 minutes, you can feel free to come directly into our waiting room at the time of your meeting. You do not need to text or call first.
  • Upon arrival, we will greet you and will converse to better understand:
    • Your desire to wear a mask during our meeting and your desire for us to wear a mask.
    • Your desire for a formal temperature check of all parties to attend your meeting.
  • During your meeting, six feet of separation will be maintained between you and your advisor.

To learn more about Pittenger & Anderson’s internal protocols for office visits, please click the link below.

+ P&A Internal Protocol - COVID-19 Era




• Each on-site team member shall check their own temperature in the morning. If elevated above 99, inform the other team members and go home.
• Sanitize your work area before leaving for the day.

• Send visitors, at least six hours before your meeting, the document “What to Expect when you visit P&A.” (This information appears above and via PDF below.)
• Ensure that before their arrival that masks are available at the front desk, a thermometer is available at the front desk, and the conference room you are meeting in has been disinfected.

Upon arrival
• Greet clients at the front; P&A team member to stand behind the front desk
• Ask if they reviewed the “What to Expect when you visit P&A” document
• Ask if they would prefer to wear masks
• Ask if they would prefer temperatures taken

Proceed to meeting
• When using P&A Middle, ensure six feet of separation from team member and client(s) and sliding glass door is open. The hallway door and boardroom doors can be closed.
• When using P&A Board Room, doors can be left open or closed.

Other protocols
• P&A team members not scheduled to attend the meeting shall not attend the meeting.
• Lead Advisor may pull in another Lead Advisor or Service Advisor, however, when doing so six feet of separation between P&A team members should be maintained as well as that same separation from the client(s).
• P&A team members serving coffee or water shall wear gloves.
• After the conclusion of the meeting, P&A team members shall disinfect the room.

- P&A Internal Protocol - COVID-19 Era


We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your P&A Team


Click here to download the PDF version of this article.

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