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Over the years, we have been proactive in telling our clients about strategies they can use to be philanthropic.  One of those strategies is to harness the power of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), which we’ve written about before.

At P&A, we have 85 clients who have opened and funded a DAF.  But, even more impressive, over the course of 2022, P&A clients ultimately granted over $2.1 million to charities from their DAFs.  That’s a big impact on the communities where our clients live!

With that knowledge of our client’s philanthropic intent, and with no shortage of current philanthropic needs overseas, we have come across a powerful website that can aid you in verifying how your charitable dollars can have an impact.

During a geopolitical crisis, there are bad actors that may set up entities designed to pull on your heartstrings to give…yet, in some situations, they are just fishing for your money with no intent to pass it along.

Charity Navigator is the largest charity assessment organization in the U.S. and the most utilized as well. They evaluate hundreds of thousands of charitable organizations based in the United States.  Most importantly, Charity Navigator does not accept any advertising or donations from the organizations it evaluates.

So, if you are wanting to give to a charity that you are not overly familiar with, and you want to give with confidence, Charity Navigator could be a great resource for you.

Charity Navigator – Your Guide To Intelligent Giving | Home



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