P&A announces C-Suite changes

The journey of P&A since our inception is one we have recounted numerous times, and with each telling, our pride swells. The bold decision Pitt made in June of 1995, departing from the brokerage model and Dean Witter to establish Pittenger & Co., set the foundation. A year later, Dan followed suit, fortifying the brand, and laying the groundwork for the enduring partnership of Pittenger & Anderson.

Nearly three decades later, we have broadened the ownership and continued to expand our team and capabilities.  We now have the privilege of serving over 850 client households.  Just as we cherish our past, we are equally enthusiastic about the future.  Our vision is clear: to sustain organic growth, prioritize delivering exceptional value to our clients, and maintain our independence.

To uphold this vision, it’s important to transition leadership in a manner that blends the wisdom of our founders with the vigor and expertise of the next generation. We’re actively engaged in this process and are excited to announce the following title changes:

    • Jim Pittenger has moved out of the roles of Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and into the role of Founder. As Founder, Pitt will use his experience and expertise as a consultant to the next generation of leaders at P&A.
    • Dan Anderson has moved out of the role of President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) and into the role of Chairman. He will retain the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As Chairman, Dan will preside over P&A board meetings, while as CFO, he’ll continue to steer our financial strategy and risk management.
    • Trey Pittenger has moved into the role of CEO. As CEO, Trey will spearhead strategic planning initiatives and decision-making, collaborating closely with other C-suite principals to propel P&A toward our short and long-term objectives.
    • Blake Anderson has moved into the role of President and COO. As President and COO, Blake will concentrate on operational leadership, ensuring our processes are streamlined and aligned with our goals, with a particular focus on staffing needs.

This transition, which commenced years ago, has been solidified with these title changes. For those who work directly with any of these four as your advisor, rest assured that your working relationship will continue.

Lastly, and equally as important to P&As future, we’re dedicated to elevating the roles and responsibilities of our managing principals: Jon, Diane, Shane, and Dan Frost, along with key staff members Elizabeth, Kristin, Audrey, A.J., and Soren. We’ll also empower newcomers Jaxson and Amber with increased responsibility. Our goal is to foster a culture where every team member feels engaged, rewarded, and motivated, viewing P&A as their career home.

To our clients, we say thank you for your continued partnership.

The P&A Managing Principals


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