The Pets of P&A – Ravi

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Ravi, which is short for Ravioli. This was the name given to me by my foster family before I was adopted. Fun fact: they named all their dogs after a type of pasta.

I’m a Cavapoo, which is short for a Cavalier King Charles and Poodle mix. My birthday is the day after Christmas, and I just celebrated my first birthday last December. My owners tell me I act like a puppy, probably because I am.

Where are you originally from?

My owners (Jon and his family) found me online through the Little White Dog Rescue in Omaha. They needed a medium-sized hypoallergenic dog due to an allergy in the family. Apparently, I fit the bill.

What are some of your hobbies?

I’m addicted to socks. I find them anywhere and everywhere and nothing satisfies me more than to nibble on them. My other hobby is barking, something my owners get annoyed with, which is why I like doing it so much. They put me in the backyard, and when I bark, they come out and play chase with me. Usually, they bribe me with treats to make me stop barking. It’s so much fun! I like napping, too. Generally, 12 hours a day minimum. And I tend to get the zoomies in the evening, often right before my owners go to bed.

Favorite perch:

I’ve been known to sit in some unique places, such as the three-foot tall planter on our deck (see photo), the kitchen dining table, and the raised garden bed. But my favorite perch would have to be on the back of the couch or somebody’s lap. They say I’m a professional snuggler.

Favorite vacation spot:

Whenever my owners travel, they ship me off to a dog sitter, who usually has several other dogs staying with them. I get to make new friends, run around, and snuggle with new people. Do I miss my real owners? Some days, yes. Some days, no.

What are your human-like tendencies?

I sleep in a king bed, like to stand on my back legs, and prefer real meat to that disgusting salmon-flavored dry kibbles that I’m fed 98% of the time. It’s better than being in the wild, I guess.


Thanks, Ravi!

Next month, we’ll feature another Pet of P&A! Stay tuned.

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