The Pets of P&A – Franklin

A day in the life of a French Bulldog puppy

Hello, friends! My name is Franklin Fitzgerald Sydzyik!  Although for some reason, my parents call me all sorts of other names like Frankenstein, Frank & Beans, Beans, and “No!” You might know my mom, Elizabeth, who is the Lead Service Advisor at P&A.  My days are filled with all sorts of adventure, let me take you along!


As soon as the sun comes up, I’m ready to play.  Sometimes my parents like to sleep in, but I let them know when it’s time to get up.  The instant they open the front door, I run as fast as I can out into my yard!  I must smell all the smells, chew on the grass, and chase any birds I see.  My big brother Rusty and I play tag for a while.  He gets bored with me quickly, so I move on to playing fetch with the sticks I find. 

When mom says it’s time to eat breakfast, I drop my sticks and head to my food dish.  I’m told I’m getting plenty of food, but it sure doesn’t seem like it.  After begging for more food and being told I’m just fine, I sniff the floors for anything I can put in my mouth.  My parents are always using this loud contraption that sucks up all the goodies on the floor.  I bark at it every time it comes out of the closet, but it doesn’t seem to help.  Luckily, my toys and chewies are safe from its wicked grasp. 

The next part of my day is my favorite!  My parents load me up so we can go for a car ride to other places filled with all kinds of fun smells and dog friends.  So far, I’ve been to a winery, a brewery, and the lake!  I’ve been told I’m a very good deckhand, but I’m not so sure about the smelly things my parents pull from the water.  Yuck!

Once we are back home, I’m awfully tired.  I take a good long nap on my bed or on the back of the couch.  That’s my favorite spot.  I get to look out the window for any yard intruders and feel the sun on my face.

At approximately 8pm, it’s time for zoomies!  These are my favorite!  I rev up and sprint as fast as I can around the whole house!  If I’m really lucky and my parents leave the gate open, I can make it all the way up the stairs and find some good socks to chew on.  I’ve learned to “sit” for food and treats, but once I get ahold of that sock, no one can catch me!

After all of this, I’m exhausted and ready for bed.  I’m really good at snoring and like to dream of chasing things.  Some nights, my mom tells me I’m going to “The Fun House” in the morning since my parents must go to something called “work.”  I’ve figured out “The Fun House” is where grandma and grandpa live, and it really is FUN.  I get to do whatever I want and get as many treats as I can eat!  Although, I attempted to venture past the fence once and got in some trouble.  Now I have to wear this strange and embarrassing get up my mom made for me.  Fingers crossed no other dogs ever see me like this. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed your time with me!  Stay tuned for more of my friends in our upcoming Pets of P&A posts!

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