Are you frustrated with…


Lack of communication from your current financial advisor?


Infrequent review or activity in your investment account(s)?


Absence of a full-service experience, including complimentary services?

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For over 25 years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients manage their money with confidence through a combination of efficient investment management and detailed financial planning.

We help people who:

Have over $500k in   investable assets.

Want to delegate the management of these monies to a professional team.

Seek a financial guide to help with the many decisions they face.

How we add value:

– By serving as a full-time fiduciary with a single, simple, and transparent management fee.

– By keeping your investment expenses low while still achieving a well-diversified portfolio geared toward your goals.

– By having a defined and systematic quarterly account review process that includes proactive communication from us.

– By offering our 10 complimentary services which focus on minimizing taxes and maximizing your financial life.

 – By gaining access to the expertise of our entire team, while having a dedicated Lead Advisor and Service Advisor.

Unlike most financial advisors, we do not:

Earn commissions by selling investments or financial products.

Use investments that are too complicated to understand.

Only act as a fiduciary when offering advice (and not when recommending investments).

To learn more about our most important factors to consider when hiring a financial advisor, download your complimentary guide,
“Our 5 Keys to Choosing a Financial Advisor”.

P&A made the CNBC Financial Advisor 100 List for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Pittenger & Anderson, Inc. is a full-time fiduciary and a fee-only investment advisor based in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We help over 700 individuals and families living in over 30 U.S. states.

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The Confidence Your Money is Looking For

The Confidence Your Money is Looking For

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